The Humane project is the vision of Dian L. Sopranuk, a Los Angeles based animal activist of 30 years.

Before starting the Humane Project, Dian primarily focused her efforts on helping domestic animals. Overtime, she came to realize the horrors that animals suffer on factory farms. Inspired to learn more, Dian began investigating the pain and suffering animals go through to produce milk, cheese, and clothing. Shortly thereafter, Dian chose to adopt a Vegan lifestyle, a conscious decision to stop contributing to the pain and suffering of all animals.

Interested in doing more, Dian decided to combine her two passions, animal protection and fashion, birthing the Humane Project. The Humane Project’s goal is to educate the masses about animal suffering through fashion and the Humane Project website. Our fashionable Vegan shirts share messages to start a dialog and further animal protection. The Humane Project hopes to empower others to spread the word and help change animal protection laws. We are proud to sell our Vegan Tees, Vegan Clothing , and Vegan Fashion on line and at Vegan Festivals in Los Angeles.


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