Chickens: Studies suggest that chickens are highly intelligent and social animals, however, the lives the factory farmed many lead barely dignify these capabilities. In fact, while factory farmers raise chickens for both their eggs and meat, the chickens bred for these disparate tasks barely resemble one another. Farmers have bred their chickens for specific tasks, thereby complete shutting down any natural instincts or animal practices to rather boost possible sales.

Many egg-laying hens live in cages smaller than a regular sheet of paper. These close confines can lead to brutal in-house fighting. Once a hen stops producing eggs, factory farmers merely starve her in the hopes that her body will shock itself out of starvation to produce any lingering rounds of eggs. Afterwards, these dries up hens are slaughtered, their remains fed to the other chickens as scraps.

When raised for meat, farmers grow their chickens fast to increase profitability.While it may be good for profits, this fast maturation leads to disproportionate, and oftentimes uncomfortable, chicken growth. Over the years, factory farmers have bred chicken breasts to outgrow the rest of chickens’ bodies, causing widespread heart failure, chronic pain, depleted respiratory systems, and general crippling. Factory farmers also usually make chickens sleep with the lights on, to promote high eating rates, which completely destroys their sleeping patterns.