Fish: Fish are built to swim the oceans far and wide, using all of their senses for navigation, hunting, and survival purposes. However, factory fish farms are overcrowded and confined. This packed confinement typically sparks widespread fish insanity, leading to fish smacking into each other, causing harm and unnecessary mass injuries.

While it may seem like factory farming fish produces a surplus of food, this practice actually diminishes the natural fish supply in our oceans five times over. Fish are carnivores, which forces factory fish farmers to mine our oceans for five times the amount of fish to use as feed for the group of fish they are farming.

Fish farms are pools of contamination that easily spread to the surrounding ocean areas. Fish excrement and festering parasites liter fishpens with toxins. These toxins theninfect nearby waters, carrying bacteria on into other communal water supplies. To combat this filth, factory fish farmers simply pump these poor creatures full of antibiotics to “remedy” the situation.

After this lavish life, when it comes time for slaughter, the fish who haven’t already died in these terrible conditions face starvation. Factory farmers starve their fish for up to ten days before slaughter to reduce the amount of waste present after slaughter.