Pigs: Pigs are one of the chief recipients of factory farm brutality. Often crowded into the same feed pens, factory farmers exploit these innocent animals’ livelihoods for maximum profits.

Factory farm living drastically shortens pig lives. In the wild or living in more humane farming conditions, average pig lifespan rates can reach up to fifteen years. However, on a factory farm, farmers typically slaughter pigs just after six months of life. Even worse, pigs are highly intelligent creatures.Researchers rankpigs in line with dogs where intelligence is concerned. This research suggests that these pigs are acutely aware of their inflicted pain. Some of this pain can come in the form of mutilations, as farmers regularly chop off pigtails or other potentially cumbersome parts without even administering painkillers.

Sows have it even worse. Factory farmers typically confine these breeders to crates so small the poor sows cannot even turn around duringtheir entire lifetimes. These poor animals spend their existence alternating continuously between artificial insemination and pregnancy. This unnatural state of being places immense physical discomfort on these captive animals and completely depletes their spirits.This completely uncomfortable life is no life at all, as factory farmers treat these animals more like mechanical breeders, birthing young pigs slated for slaughter.