$2.00 from every shirt sold goes to an animal charity

Our story so far.


The Brand

Humane Project is the vision of Dian L. Sopranuk, a Los Angeles-based animal activist of 30 years.

Before starting Humane Project, Dian primarily focused her efforts on helping domestic animals. Overtime, she came to realize the horrors that animals suffer on factory farms. Inspired to learn more, Dian began investigating the pain and suffering animals go through to produce milk, cheese, and clothing. Shortly thereafter, Dian chose to adopt a Vegan lifestyle, a conscious decision to stop contributing to the pain and suffering of all animals.

Interested in doing more, Dian decided to combine her two passions, animal protection and fashion, birthing the Humane Project. The Humane Project’s goal is to educate the masses about animal suffering through fashion and the Humane Project website. Our fashionable Vegan shirts share messages to start a dialog and further animal protection. Humane Project hopes to empower others to spread the word and help change animal protection laws. We are proud to sell our Vegan Tees, Vegan Clothing , and Vegan Fashion on line and at Vegan Festivals in Los Angeles.

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2401 S Hacienda Blvd
Hacienda Heights, CA 91745

Our Team

  • Dian Sopranuk

    Dian Sopranuk

    Creative Director and Founder

    Creative Director, Fashion Designer. Working to enlighten, empower, and educate the public on the issues with factory farming. Her goal is to help end the suffering of all animals, domestic and farm. Dian has been working as an Animal Activist for over 30 years being a Voice for Domestic and Farm Animals and will continue to make it her life’s work.
  • Lalena Gieser

    Lalena Gieser

    Web & Graphic Designer

    Lalena, a vegan since 2004, wouldn’t really call herself an animal lover as much as someone who simply doesn’t want creatures — human or not — to suffer or be exploited unnecessarily. Professionally, she enthusiastically designs websites and graphics. In her personal life, she likes partaking in beginner music and video-making, exploring, trying to make time to do more for animals, and last but not least, indulging in chocolate chip cookies.
  • Michael Rangel

    Michael Rangel

    Animal Activist, Designer

    Michael Rangel is an animal activist; enabling creativity and art to inspire and educate society on the physical and emotional rewards one gains following a vegan lifestyle. Unfortunately, Michael was not raised vegan; conditioned by corporations to believe the use of animal products is essential to exist. In 2014 Michael faced the realization that animals are not a commodity, they are beings who share and express emotions like the human kind. This motivated Michael to not just exist but to thrive on a plant based diet and abstain from all use of these innocent creatures. Not long after this awakening Michael was determined to change other perspectives and be the voice for the voiceless and give hope to the hopeless. He became active in speaking up for animals and joined PETA in 2015 as an animal advocator. This undoubtedly became his primary focus, to save lives by inspiring and spreading the vegan message through his actions, art and designs.
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